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Introgression of Gene for Non-Pollen Type Thermo-Sensitive Genic Male Sterility to Thai Rice Cultivars

  1. Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Online:2014-03-28 Published:2014-01-24
  • Contact: WEERACHAI Matthayatthaworn


For the two-line hybrid rice system, pollen sterility is regulated by recessive gene that responds to temperature. The recessive gene controlling thermo-sensitive genetic male sterility (TGMS) is expressed when the plants are grown in conditions with higher or lower critical temperatures. To transfer tgms gene(s) controlling TGMS to Thai rice cultivars by backcross breeding method, a male sterile line was used as a donor parent while Thai rice cultivars ChaiNat 1, PathumThani 1, and SuphanBuri 1 were used as recurrent parents. The BC2F2 lines were developed from backcrossing and selfing. Moreover, the simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were developed for identifying tgms gene and the linked marker was used for assisting selection in backcrossing. The identification lines were confirmed by pollen observation. The results showed the success of introgression of the tgms gene into Thai rice cultivars. These lines will be tested for combining ability and used as female parent in hybrid rice production in Thailand.

Key words: hybrid rice, thermo-sensitive genic male sterility, non-pollen type, molecular marker, marker assisted selection, marker assisted backcrossing